Walking for exercise

I love to exercise. When I was a kid I liked hiking but loved mountain biking. I also played ice hockey and soccer in high school. When I got to college I had it all figured out and stopped working out. In my mid twenties I got into Yoga. After I met my wife we got into triathlons. When we hit the road I got into bodyweight exercise.

Recently I have been taking 1 hour walks up the highway that runs across the east side of our property. About 30 minutes up the road is a herd of Bison aka Buffalo.

This was prompted by this article in The Guardian last week:
Walking is a Superpower

Some people, I point out, don’t think walking counts as proper exercise. “This is a terrible mistake,” he says. “What we need to be is much more generally active over the course of the day than we are.” And often, an hour at the gym doesn’t cut it. “What you see if you get people to wear activity monitors is that because they engage in an hour of really intense activity, they engage in much less activity afterwards.”

Shane O’Mara

Basically we need to walk more for our bodies and brains.

One great thing about walking is that it requires very minimal equipment. If you wear clothes and shoes you can go for a walk.

Today I even downloaded the latest Neal Stephenson book – Fall – and enjoyed the first two chapters while enjoying the scenery.

Get out there and walk.

By Roger

Roger lives fulltime in a 2008 Jayco Travel Trailer with his wife Kate and their dog's Dazey and Enzo. He works fulltime but is open to early retirement anytime.