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Rare Form Brewing Company Troy, NY

Rare Form Troy NY

Kate and I love beer. In fact our first conversation was about beer and how she thought I was a wimp for not liking IPA’s. When we travel to new towns we like to goto bars but even better we like to find local breweries and drink good fresh unique beer.

We rolled into Rare Form after doing a river boat cruise in Albany. Someone mentioned Rare Form when we asked about breweries in the area so we headed that way and man are we happy we did. First off all Troy is a unique and neat little town. It has had its ups and downs but seems to be doing well now, or at least coming up a bit, and Rare Form seems like a solid identifier that quality small businesses are taking hold.

The first time we visited we met Jenny, one of the owners, and talked about the brewery and how great all the beer is. I mentioned wanting to interview them for a video and after we got our schedules to work that is what you see above.

Learn more about Rare Form Brewing Company at their website.

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Zed’s First Flight – Phantom 3 Pro 4K in Burlington VT

Zed's First Flight - Phantom 3 Pro 4K in Burlington VT


Recently purchased the DJI Phantom 3 Pro 4K flying camera and took it on its first flight. It is a lot of fun to fly and really easy to take boring video with. This short edit has more spinning shots that I prefer but this is how we learn, right? If you have a 4K tv be sure to crank the resolution up and let me know what you think.


DJI Phantom 3 Pro 4K
Browser backpack for DJI Phantom
Extra Phantom 3 battery
RC Hood for iPad or iPhone


The links on this page to are affiliate links. If you click on one and make a purchase amazon may pay us a small percentage at no additional cost to you. While we aren’t going to retire on these proceeds it does help us spend more time sharing content you might like to see on this site.

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RV Camping in NY: Black Bear Farm Winery Chenango Falls, NY

RV Camping NY: Black Bear Farm Winery

Awesome RV Camping in NY with a Harvest Host

Made a short video of the few days we spent at Black Bear Farm Winery. They are part of the Harvest Host program that we have stayed at before in Iowa and in North Carolina. They are a winery but don’t have any wines made from grapes. Instead they are made from a variety of fruits like cranberries, black berries, and goose berries amongst others.
There are no facilities so you will be boondocking. Be sure to bring your own water and enjoy the scenery and peacefulness. We stopped through on our way to Vermont and Maine.

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Battle of the Broad Distance SUP Race May 16th 2015

Battle of the Broad 2015 Sup Race Asheville NC

What is Battle of the Broad?

15 mile SUP Board Race

Standing Paddle Boards only

All boards will be measured during check in. All boards must have stock, fixed rudders and mono-hulled(except for UNLIMITED class). Rudder(s) and foil(s) are not allowed(except for UNLIMITED class). Board classes are:
Must stand on board when making strokes and forward progress
If you fall you will have 5 strokes to get back on your feet and stand up. This rule is in effect so a paddler does not achieve an advantage by not standing up. You must complete the course standing upon your board.
The stand up rule is not in effect in the area from shore to the first turning buoys from the startline during the Open Race. Racers have 20 strokes to stand up after the start of the distance race.

This was the Inaugural Race and was very well organized and operated. We would definitely return and do it again. THere were three events total:

  • Sprint
  • Distance
  • White Water

Where did this happen?

Asheville, NC

French Broad River
Bent Creek Camp
Southern Raft Supply Business Park

When was the race?

May 16th 2015

Beautiful and sunny Saturday
Started at 9am or so and took the winner just over 2 hours to finish. Roger took a bit longer.

Why was there a Battle of the Broad?

  • Competition
  • Scenery
  • Exercises
  • Bragging Rights

How do you race on a river?

As you can see in the video SUP racing on the river is a challenging situation. We started facing upstream and had to turn 180 degrees at the starting horn. Then it was just paddle as hard and fast as you can for 15 miles.
Notice that Roger was left behind by most of the racers pretty quickly. Granted they had some really nice and fast boards but more importantly these guys, and one gal, are athletes. They have paddled a lot and are in solid shape.
Roger edited the video with a number of falls that he endured throughout the day. Even with a shorter and more flexible fin on the board it still caught a lot of rocks and sent him flying. The river was over one foot lower than normal so there were a lot of rocks.
Some guys had their hard SUP boards and those things are amazing. Very long and fast in the water. A hard board allows you to paddle straighter and with a longer stroke. Roger and a few others were on inflatable SUP boards. Those are nice on a river when hitting rocks as they absorb the blows much better. The trade off is that they have very little shape and don’t cut thorugh the water as well as a hard board.

Who would do this?

Of the 12 racers 11 were men and Caroline Duncan was the only woman to compete. Age ranges went from 20’s up to 60+ and the winner, Rand Perkins, was the oldest racer of the day. Pretty impressive stuff.