One-on-one meetings are underrated, whereas group meetings waste time | Smash Company

The lazy and undisciplined manager can improve their style of management by thinking hard about who they really need to talk to about a particular subject. They can then pursue one-on-one meetings with those people. The lazy and undisciplined manager finds it easier to simply order everyone to show up, and then they figure out who they actually need to hear from while the meeting is going on. This is efficient for the manager, but inefficient for everyone else, and therefore inefficient for the firm.
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Mobility training – animal walks

Staying mobile is really important to me. I want to be able to hike any mountain anytime. Go for a 50 bike ride cause there’s a beer waiting for me. Do manual labor cause a friend needed some help.

I did yoga pretty seriously for a few years. Even got my 200 hour training course done. The issue I have with yoga is that it’s a little too focused on stretching in ways that my body just isn’t equipped for. Namely hamstrings.

With that in mind I started focusing on body exercises a few years ago mainly so I could work on a farm for a summer. I really enjoy the movements and can feel stronger in many ways.

The next level of body weight training I’m looking into is mobility training. The video below is one of the next tutorials I’ve seen so far.

Year in review: 99 of the best positive news stories from 2018 — Quartz

For the last 12 months, the global media has been focused on a lot of bad news. But there were other things happening out there too. Good news stories that didn’t make it onto the evening broadcasts, or your social media feeds.

We spent the year collecting them, in our ongoing mission to stop the fear virus in its tracks. Enjoy.
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Let’s start reminding ourselves that progress is being made. Not everything is going badly. In fact now is the best time to have ever lived. Anytime you are having a rough day bring up this story to remind yourself that we can make things better. We just have to stay motivated.