Morning run to Jupiter (Florida)

Kate and I have been training for the Clearwater marathon in Clearwater Florida on January 22nd 2017. We are on week 16 of a 19 week training program and this is the hardest week of the whole shebang. By the end of this week we will have run 40 miles for the week and have done 385 miles total since starting the training. If that sounds like a lot it is. If that doesn’t then congrats of being a badass. 

Today the training prescribed a 10 mile run. We got up at 6am, which if you know us at all is remarkable by itself, and the hit the road at 7. We took what appears to be the old road for the Jonathan Dickenson State Park, mainly cause that’s the pale we are also camped at, but also because it’s nicer than running on the current park road with traffic.

Sunrise was around 7:10am and we were able to stop long enough to snap the photo above before plodding along and finishing the run. 

We have a short 5 mile run tomorrow and then the massive 20 mile longest run of the training on Saturday.