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Ready for surgery

Let’s do this!


Pre-Op: Surgery Day

Today is the day. Everyone is wishing me well which is awesome but I keep reminding them I have the easy part today. I’m just gonna get pumped full of drugs and lie still.

One part of surgery that get overlooked however is the preparation that starts at least three days before.

The first step is sanitization. For this I have been given a bottle of Chlorhexidine Gluconate which is the same stuff that doctors use to “scrub” up before surgery. However instead of just washing my hands before surgery I have had to wash from neck to toes, minus generalist, for the last three days. This involves scrubbing all areas of my body and then waiting three minutes for the magic to happen. Basically I am nuking all bacteria on my skin. This will hopefully prevent me from getting an infection like MRSA.

The second phase is fasting. That’s started at midnight last night and means I am done eating till after the surgery. So I’m being super trendy and fasting for like 16 hours or so. Apparently they don’t want me going number 2 in the operating room and I think that’s a good call.

The third phase started this morning at 11am and cuts out all liquids. Apparently they don’t want me going number one either.

We are heading over to the surgery center shortly so they can get me hooked up to an IV and start prepping my knee for surgery.

I’m hoping they can repair the meniscus so that I can go back to easy running and not have arthritis later on. If they do remove the meniscus then my recovery time will be much faster as I won’t have to wait for it to heal.


Driving back to Frisco

Pre surgery day so we drove up to Frisco to spend the night at a hotel near the hospital. This is the second time this week I have made this drive and it’s getting easier to deal with. Since I grew up in Vail I am pretty familiar with the route.

As an added bonus I got the new Beastie Boys audio book. Kate and I both grew up listening to those guys so it’s been a fun one to listen to together. The chapter talking about mix tapes is hilarious and reminds me of a time long long ago.

We ate dinner at a Which Wich for the first time and were very happy to see vegan options. The Sammie’s were way better than subway.

I’m getting a bit nervous about the surgery but it’s mostly cause I have to wait till tomorrow. I just wanna have this done and know what the outcome is: repair or removal of the left meniscus. I’d prefer repair as the long term issues are fewer but recovery will be longer.


Driving day: Day trip to the Dr in Frisco CO

My knee is feeling like a pretty serious injury so I am going to see my ortho who fixed me up three years ago. Hoping that surgery isn’t necessary but it feels like my injuries from the past. Which means surgery.

Either way it was a beautiful/terrifying drive through the mountains. The top photo was taken at Vail Pass, Colorado.

The snow started appearing in Glenwood Springs

Driving: Mancos to Grand Junction

Travel day! We moved from Mancos to Grand Junction today so that I (Roger) can drive up to Vail this week to get my knee checked out. Kate drove and did a great job as arrived without incident.

Klondike Bluffs north of Moab

It’s a beautiful drive that passes through Moab Utah. Moab is definitely one of the most unique landscapes on the planet. As a kid we used to drive there in springtime to start the mountain biking season. It has since grown into a major travel destination and is crawling with people, atvs, and mountain bikers.

On the road again

We were planning on driving the rig up to Eagle Co tomorrow to be closer to the doctors office but the weather is getting drastically colder. Since our rig is not equipped for freezing temps we are gonna stay in grand junction and drive up for the day. Fun times!

38° 34.401 N -109° 32.787 W