Emailing – Southwest Colorado Cycling Association (SWCCA)

Date: 6/29/2019
Subject: 7/2 weekly trail work will be at Boggy Draw on the new trail
From: Shawn

Hello Mountain Bikers!

Tuesday evening weekly trail work 7/2 is at Boggy Draw on the new trail north of the Bean Canyon Trail anytime after 3pm to 7pm ish.  See map below, sorry an old map had to be edited this week.  Work starts north of the parking area by the turn to House Creek.  The trail tools will be close to the work site so you can ride your bike or hike in on the trail north of the parking area.

The current work section in red is a combination of roughed in trail needing touch up work and also machine prep work.  Machine prep work is cutting brush, clearing cut brush off the trail and scraping off the duff about 3′ wide but no digging necessary.  Then the machine will follow doing the heavy duty dirt work  There is a bunch of trimming that needs to be done so if you are not keen on heavy tool work just grab some loppers and get rid of the pogies sticking up on the tread and oak brush.  We will have loppers available.  Tools are very sharp so please do not use them with flimsy footwear! 

Park around 7 1/4 miles from Dolores on the Dolores Norwood road FS 526 (west side) just before the House Creek road FS 528.  If you are arriving late bike or hike north on trail to work site then grab a tool and find the group.  Route crosses just southeast of the sign for the house creek turn.  If you have not received safety instructions you will need to find a trail leader before starting work. 

This is a fun and exciting opportunity to improve the local trail system which would not exist if it was not for volunteers like you.   
Wear sturdy footwear and bring gloves, water, sun protection, hat, snacks and eye protection.  The work site starts close to the parking area.  Be ready to have a rewarding day! 

Thanks!  SWCCA
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Leaving Grassland: for the winter

It’s that time

We aren’t leaving forever

It’s just a bit too cold

For this trailer and desert rats

We will be back

But until it’s warmer

We will be south of here

That’s a pretty crude poem but practice makes perfect and besides I’m not charging for this content.

So today we left Mancos and Grassland to head south for the winter. Our plan is to spend some time in Tucson and Phoenix. Then head west to Havasu and then further south to Mexico.

Last night was chilly. The furnace ran most of the night. At least until it ran out of propane. So then the fresh water tank or tubes froze a bit and the water pump wasn’t working so well. So we hand sandwiches for breakfast as they require no water to make and little washing afterwards.

Kate had coffee with our friend Kelli and her little one Rayne. He isn’t even a year old yet but seems huge.

We locked up the gate and bid farewell. Until New Years Eve anyway but we won’t bring the trailer up for that.

Our plan today was to make it to Flagstaff and spend the night in a friends driveway. The drive took us through Kayenta in the Navajo Nation in the northeast corner of AZ.

The scenery in this area is like being on another planet. The roads are a little bumpy but not as bad as most roads on the east coast.

Mancos for a day

On our way south we stopped in Mancos to pick up my bike and say hey to a few friends. Did I mention it is cold here? Once the sun went down the temps plummeted. Winter is here.

Tomorrow we head south to Flagstaff then Tucson for a week or two. It will be nice to get to some warmer weather.

Knee is feeling good. I need to remember to take it easy and let it heal from the surgery. I think I should be able to ride a bike by next week though.

The dogs seem to be handling the cold and moving well. I am sure they will be very happy once we are in warmer climates as well though.

Post op follow up

Doctor says the knee looks good. The level of swelling is down to what it would look like two weeks after surgery. RICE RICE baby!

Was talking with my doctor about needing to act my age. His reply:

Everyone acts 20 years younger than they are.

Thoughts for the future of my knees:

Lateral posting orthotics to take pressure off inside of knee.

Some meniscus left but I need to stay away from repetitive hard hits. Aka no more running

Bike or in-line skate

Stretch and strengthen