Mancos for a day

On our way south we stopped in Mancos to pick up my bike and say hey to a few friends. Did I mention it is cold here? Once the sun went down the temps plummeted. Winter is here. Tomorrow we head south to Flagstaff then Tucson for a week or two. It will be nice […]

Post op follow up

Doctor says the knee looks good. The level of swelling is down to what it would look like two weeks after surgery. RICE RICE baby! Was talking with my doctor about needing to act my age. His reply: Everyone acts 20 years younger than they are. Thoughts for the future of my knees: Lateral posting […]

Back home

Well back to where the trailer is parked in Grand Junction, CO anyway. We drove back from Frisco, CO this afternoon after spending another night in the hotel after my knee surgery on Thursday. Kate drove and did a great job as always. Enzo is still panting a lot in the truck. It’s a little […]