Simple Italian Sausages | Isa Chandra Moskowitz

The now classic bean and seitan steamed sausage. It’s as easy as steamed sausage! I make a 4x batch of this with Pinto Beans and add a cup of oats. I also like to use extra water to make a sloppy four loaves and wrap those in foil. Then steam for 55 minutes in pot or pressure cooker.
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In case this is your first time making a vegan sausage, here’s what’s going down: You’re going to mash some beans in a mixing bowl and then throw in the other ingredients and mix. Then you’re going to roll ’em in tinfoil like a Tootsie Roll, and steam them. And then, like magic, you will have vegan sausages. Easiest thing in the world! A few versions of these sausages appear in Vegan Brunch.

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