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Camp #2: Taos Area

Need to Find campsite.
Verizon connection looks solid.
Salida next?

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First planned stay: El Malpais National Conservation Area

I know this is a pretty microscopic view of our extended road trip but thats the ADD kicking in. We determined on the last trip that the maximum distance to be driven in one day is 300 miles. At a 50MPH averages which includes stops for fuel and bathroom and lunch means thats 6 hours of driving in one day, which is almost a full time job. The other requirment is that we have decent cell coverage for the Verizon hotspot. As long as I have Verizon LTE access I can do streaming video and generally at better quality than a business Cox cable connection gets.

El Malpais National Conservation Area

Based on that self imposed sanity clause and leaving from somewhere near Flagstaff on Sept 1st towards Fort Collins, CO we have determined that the Joe Skeen campground in the El Malpais National Conservation Area is going to be our first location. At 261 miles we are well within our distance requirement and it looks to be a pretty awesome campsite for FREE with some decent cell phone reception so work will be happening.

Google Map view of the first day of driving:

Great writeup on staying at Joe Skeen campground in El Malpais Conservation Area

Fun blog from Me and My Dog on staying at el malpais national conservation area.

For More Information, Contact:

Paul Yoder
[email protected]
PO Box 846, Grants, NM 87020
505.280.2918 (Ranger St. 9a-4p)


Nighttime Shots of Fenders RV Park in Needles, CA

Nighttime shot of Fenders RV Park Needles CA
We spent a couple of nights at the Fenders RV Park in Needles, CA during our last trip. I took a few night shots and this is one of them.


Camping near Bridgeport California – Fulltime RV Lifestyle

Bridgeport Paradise Shores RV Camp Day Shot
Packing up from camping at Paradise Shores RV park after a two night stay while testing out the fulltime rv lifestyle. I thought the clouds looked pretty cool for this shot.

This place is beautiful and the park owners are very nice and helpful. The town of Bridgeport is a few miles away and we recommend the Sportsmans bar as they have the best IPA’s on tap and the fries and onion rings are super delicious. Just be sure to ask for extra crispy.


Prelude Trip to California – Day 1 – Mountain View RV Park

If you don’t know already my wife (Kate) our dog (Zeke) and I are heading out full time RVing starting Sept 1st 2014. In preparation for our big adventure we decided to make our previously planned trip to northern California for the Vineman Half Ironman triathlon on July 13th 2014. The plan was to take two days driving from Phoenix, spend a few days in a previously rented house in Guernville, CA and then grab the trailer back out of storage and spend a week driving back to Phoenix camping along the way.

The first day of driving from Phoenix to the Mountain View RV park in Tehachapi, CA ended up being a pretty good adventure. We wanted to stay off of the major interstates as much as possible so after taking I-10 out of Phoenix we got off at exit 45 and took Vicksburg Rd to the 72 then the 95 and on to Parker. From there the plan was to take the 62 across to Joshua Tree but a flash flood had shut the 62 down and we had to drive back to Quartzite and keep taking the 10 till the 177. Eventually we were on the 62 and got to experience 29 Palms, or as we now know it: 29 Tweakers. That was a strange town, granted we were only at the gas stations for a fill up so it may not be the best representation of the area. There sure were a lot of old RV’s all over the place. Probably a cool place to return to in the winter months.

We made out way to Apple Valley where I had a conference call with clients. That is one windy town. Holy moly!

Eventually we made it to camp after way too many hours of driving. We have decided that 300 miles in a day is the new maximum. The park was up against a grass runway for a small rural airport that also does glider trips. We setup ate dinner and crashed to prepare for the next day of driving.