Cedar Valley Winery our first Harvest Host Stop

You can blame Technomadia and Gone with the Wynns for todays post. It was their fault for letting us know about this amazing nationwide system pairing RVers with farmers. Kate found a winery in Iowa that was on our way to Chicago so we made the move and stopped at Cedar Valley Winery for the night.


We rolled in a bit late but Pam Miller was happy to welcome us to their property and even let us fill up our water tank. We happily tasted some of their award winning wines and bought a bottle of:

Chambourcin (sham-bor-san)

Dry medium-bodied red wine with a fruity aroma and cherry and earthy/spicy complexities. Our Chambourcin is aged in handcrafted white oak barrels from Missouri.   Chambourcin is a French-American interspecific hybrid grape variety that produces a deep-colored wine with a full aromatic flavor. Chambourcin is often served with red meats, tomato based sauces, mild cheese and dark chocolate (or desserts made from the chocolate), as the flavors of the wine and chocolate intermingle exceptionally well.

Silver Medal – 2013 Iowa State Fair Commercial Wine Competition

Checkin up on Zeke

One of the main catalysts for Rolling With Grass is our Zeke. In May of this year he was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer. Kate and I had discussed selling everything and going Fulltime RV but that was on a 3 year plan. Once the diagnosis came in Kate asked if Sept 1st would work and I said yes, so did Zeke.

Zeke did a few treatments of Chemo for the cancer and went into remission for a few weeks. Then it came back and a few more treatments later the lymph nodes were no longer receding. This was around early August so we decided to forgo additional Chemo and give him prednazone and see how long he could stick it out.

That was six weeks ago. Yesterday Zeke got a little sick so we went to a local vet this morning to do a check up. He stopped being sick last night and was eating this morning so we were a little relived. At the vet they did a blood test and everything looked pretty good other than the cancer part.

The good news is that he is doing well and still waggin his tail. We are just gonna ride this puppy out (see what I did there) and keep on keepin on.

Love in Loveland CO

Roger: I have to admit that I have missed Colorado a lot. I grew up in the mountains close to a place called Vail, it was a rough childhood. I went to university in Boulder and then moved to Arizona after graduating in 2000. All of my family have left the state but a few friends are scattered here and there.

When Kate and I met we started travelling to Colorado and then her friend, and mine, Jen moved to Fort Collins giving us a perfect excuse to visit and drink local beer. Jen recently bought a home in the small town of Loveland which is south of Fort Collins by 20 minutes or so. I always knew Loveland existed as a point on a map but had never visited. Since Jen has a big enough driveway to fit our trailer we accepted her invitation to visit for as long as we like.

Loveland Trailer parked Jens House

Loveland is a lovely town. So far we have been able to walk to numerous shops, restaurants, and bars very easily. Henry’s has great dinner options including a vegan burger and curry and fried pickles. The Coffee Tree has good coffee and bagels, but no hummus. If you want a beer and some good company Burk’s Tavern has you covered.

Loveland Jen and Kate

Loveland Cadillac

Loveland Street

Loveland House

Loveland Sign

Loveland Zeke Snoozing

Loveland Sunflower

Loveland Police Department
No need for alarm. We wanted to see the metal work that Jen’s BF Eric made for the police department. Thats what those metal trees are.

Loveland Sugar Beet Elevators