Airstream’s Nest is a cozy, futuristic trailer

Starting at $45,900, the 16-foot, seven-inch rolling home breaks the mold and goes for a minimalist design.
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For the price of one of these cool trailers you could buy four of the trailers we have lived in for over 4 years. Oh and you could have put our solar system setup on one of them. Each trailer would be more than twice the size of this Airstream.


Kate, the dogs, and I drove up to my sisters for Thanksgiving this year. Even though I still had to work we were able to get dinner from Green before heading to Caroline’s home and eating.

The drive from Tucson was light on traffic and uneventful. Even with less traffic it was still unsurprising to see idiots driving well over 20mph over the speed limit.

Green was another story. We had to park almost a block down the street there were so many cars. This is the 11th year for ThanksLiving and Damon and his staff really outdid themselves. Picking up the food was quick and easy.

Eating the food was a joy. They really did a great job this year. The turkey was perfect along with the potatoes and stuffing and Brussel sprouts. The best part was that we didn’t have to cook or clean anything except our forks.