Today’s Workout – Walkin’ in the rain

It is raining like cats and dogs here in Napa. Naturally Kate is out of town so I get all this great weather to myself, and the doggers.

Super excited to be here!

Still I wanted to get a workout in even with less than ideal weather. We have a nice trail around camp here so I put on my rain jacket and had a nice 46 minute walk in the rain. I should have taken more pictures but there were little Bambi’s and a lot of rain. Oh it is also very green here in Napa.

Taco Tuesday

Thoughts on Tuesday 2.26.2019:

  • Camped in Napa at Skyline Park
  • It has been raining fairly consistently since yesterday
  • The dogs are not interested in going outside
  • I had a nice hike in the rain around noon
  • Work has been a little crazy but nothing alarming
  • I am looking for an online project
  • One site mentioned blogging…
  • Topics are the problem key
    • What are you interested in reading?
      • I can try to guess or not worry about it
    • What am I interested in writing?
      • Eating, working out, WordPress, retirement, hot tubs, and dogs
  • Now to stay focused. Should be daily about the day.
  • Requires at lease one external link
  • Google Search of the day: fun website projects

Year in review: 99 of the best positive news stories from 2018 — Quartz

For the last 12 months, the global media has been focused on a lot of bad news. But there were other things happening out there too. Good news stories that didn’t make it onto the evening broadcasts, or your social media feeds.

We spent the year collecting them, in our ongoing mission to stop the fear virus in its tracks. Enjoy.
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Let’s start reminding ourselves that progress is being made. Not everything is going badly. In fact now is the best time to have ever lived. Anytime you are having a rough day bring up this story to remind yourself that we can make things better. We just have to stay motivated.

Hilbert’s list | Seth’s Blog

In 1900, David Hilbert published a list of 23 problems that he proposed would be the important ones for mathematicians to solve in the upcoming century. That list led to a focused effort that lasted a century, and the vast majority of the problems have been fully or partially solved. Ignoramus et ignorabimus is a foolish statement. We can know, and one day, we will.
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Fun take on the old New Years resolutions that we never do well with. What are your 23 problems that humans should solve in the next 100 years?