Simple Italian Sausages | Isa Chandra Moskowitz

The now classic bean and seitan steamed sausage. It’s as easy as steamed sausage! I make a 4x batch of this with Pinto Beans and add a cup of oats. I also like to use extra water to make a sloppy four loaves and wrap those in foil. Then steam for 55 minutes in pot or pressure cooker.
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In case this is your first time making a vegan sausage, here’s what’s going down: You’re going to mash some beans in a mixing bowl and then throw in the other ingredients and mix. Then you’re going to roll ’em in tinfoil like a Tootsie Roll, and steam them. And then, like magic, you will have vegan sausages. Easiest thing in the world! A few versions of these sausages appear in Vegan Brunch.

Sourdough rye bread

I love Reuben’s. Reuben’s are made best with sourdough rye bread. The problem is that west of the Mississippi there is zero good soughdough rye bread. It’s probably the humidity but west of the ol M the stuff is dry AF.

Gonna start experimenting with my own recipe. See if I can’t fix this issue soon. I will report back.

Wind and trailers

In a trailer a 20mph wind sounds and feels like a tornado. The whole place shimmy’s cause the wind is moving around and around and around and around. The whistling is quite loud and anything that can grab wind howls and growls.

You learn to grin and keep and eye on your shoes.

Bodega bay

Finally made it to the pacific with the trailer. Absolutely amazing campsite on bodega bay. Rainy when we arrived but it’s gotten sunny and wonderful. We had a couple friends who live in San Francisco drive up and camped for the night with us.

Responsible people
Fire = good

Then we strolled down the road a little bit to have beer and fried avocados at fisherman’s cove bar and grill.

100 yards from campsite
The campsite
Pretty lady

Helping out

Camp host asked if I could help my neighbor empty their tanks with my blue boy. After hearing her and her boyfriend fight last night and the cops show up it was a no brainer.

What made it extra interesting was that the same camp host had thrown us out of the park the night before.

Funny how much can change in a day.

Made a delicious quesadilla with my homemade cheese: