New Workout Routine: Get Strong

Ive been doing the Reddit Bodyweight Recommended Routine off and on for 2 years. I have seen some very good results in that time. It has helped me get into some of the best shape of my life. Still I am feeling like a change would help me progress mainly with my pull ups.

A few days ago I did a basic search for “calisthenics blog” and came across Al Kavadlo. He is a high energy hilarious personality with a lot of exercise knowledge. Then I saw they have a book and got it.

Today was our first workout. Kate started on Phase 1 and I’m on Phase 2. We both got through our workouts and enjoyed them incredibly. Looks like we got a new game in town.

Get Strong Paperback by Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo. An intelligent, realistic 16 week plan from the Kavadlo brothers who have achieved supreme feats of calisthenics strength—like the one-arm pull up, the human flag and the back lever—they have also spent decades helping thousands of clients meet and often exceed their training goals.
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