Managing WordPress in the Enterprise – #wcatl presentation

For the first time in 5 years I attended a WordCamp. My current employer, Pressable, sent me to WordCamp Atlanta 2019 to sell our wares. Actually they sent me to enjoy myself and represent Pressable when appropriate.

One part about WordCamp’s is that none of the speakers are getting paid to present. This can result in a wide variety of topics and quality of speakers and presentations. It is really nice when someone has a killer topic and delivers it professionally and effectively.

There were a few presentations that met that criteria, but one in specific really stood out for me:

The purpose of the presentation was to give us all some insight into how a large org like Dow Jones is using WordPress with Gutenberg. Yes that’s right the Wall Street Journal and other Dow Jones properties are all powered on the backend by Gutenberg. Today. They use a headless implementation so the designers are able to work in whatever they want. Since all the content is now in Gutenberg they are all available via JSON and can be implemented however they like.

My favorite metaphor that he used was that you want your website to be a fleet vehicle and NOT a race car. Meaning that you want to be running software that is inexpensive, easy to maintain, etc. Yet everyone wants and in some ways has a race car. These are custom, tend to be more expensive, and require specialists to maintain.

When I was in a more sales role, I would get a prospect who was going to launch the next MySpace. I would quote him what that looks like in a budget perspective and suddenly the scope shrank a lot. I would always be thinking: This guy thinks he wants to go to the moon, but he can only afford a ham sandwich. Creating a proper scope allows you to set budget and other guides to keep your projects on track.

It sounds like Victor has a pretty solid gig going and he is very passionate about teaching others. Thanks again Victor!

By Roger

Roger lives fulltime in a 2008 Jayco Travel Trailer with his wife Kate and their dog's Dazey and Enzo. He works fulltime but is open to early retirement anytime.