Love in Loveland CO

Roger: I have to admit that I have missed Colorado a lot. I grew up in the mountains close to a place called Vail, it was a rough childhood. I went to university in Boulder and then moved to Arizona after graduating in 2000. All of my family have left the state but a few friends are scattered here and there.

When Kate and I met we started travelling to Colorado and then her friend, and mine, Jen moved to Fort Collins giving us a perfect excuse to visit and drink local beer. Jen recently bought a home in the small town of Loveland which is south of Fort Collins by 20 minutes or so. I always knew Loveland existed as a point on a map but had never visited. Since Jen has a big enough driveway to fit our trailer we accepted her invitation to visit for as long as we like.

Loveland Trailer parked Jens House

Loveland is a lovely town. So far we have been able to walk to numerous shops, restaurants, and bars very easily. Henry’s has great dinner options including a vegan burger and curry and fried pickles. The Coffee Tree has good coffee and bagels, but no hummus. If you want a beer and some good company Burk’s Tavern has you covered.

Loveland Jen and Kate

Loveland Cadillac

Loveland Street

Loveland House

Loveland Sign

Loveland Zeke Snoozing

Loveland Sunflower

Loveland Police Department
No need for alarm. We wanted to see the metal work that Jen’s BF Eric made for the police department. Thats what those metal trees are.

Loveland Sugar Beet Elevators

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