Learn to learn

I have to admit most of what I know about web work I learned on the job. I’ve taken some online classes and read a book or two but in the end I always figured it out by doing it.

The problem with that is it’s an incredibly inefficient and potentially limiting method for learning. The issue is that I’m just not a good learner. I don’t take notes and if I do they aren’t very helpful. By not taking notes I’m losing most of what was taught.

Online coding courses are even worse for this because I’m trying to write the code as they are teaching the method. So I’m just getting the how but missing the why.

Besides bad note taking I also move too quickly. Since the entire course is available to me I think competitively and move through things as fast as possible.

My friend of taking courses at Fullsail University for game programming. It sounds very immersive and challenging. The courses are all done online but have an instructor and are done in real time. Meaning there are lectures which are later available for review and projects with a due date.

While I’m not necessarily interested is such a rigid classroom type methodology. I do see the benefit of imposing some structure to my process.


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