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Hosting an Interstellar Orchard

Did I mention that we bought land in Colorado? Well we did and its pretty awesome. One really awesome part about having land is that we can have guests. This summer we have had a number of awesome guests come and stay with us. We even built a guest RV pad with septic and water hookups!

Recently we were joined by our good friend Becky Schade of Interstellar Orchard. She has been on the road since 2012 and has a great website chronicling her adventures. She is much better at keeping things updated than we are. Check out what she has been up to!

We did a lot of work on the land this summer so that we could park on it. We also made sure it was a nice place for friends and family to park. So we built the guest pad, but we also built a little structure with a full bathroom. Kate found an inexpensive on demand water heater so guests have a nice place to cleanup. 

The grassland shithouse

The goal next summer is to finish it out with insulation and more windows. Then we are going to build a roof deck on top cause the sunsets are pretty awesome here.

By Roger

Roger lives fulltime in a 2008 Jayco Travel Trailer with his wife Kate and their dog's Dazey and Enzo. He works fulltime but is open to early retirement anytime.

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Thanks for the shoutout Roger, and especially thanks for hosting me for a couple weeks! Had a blast and can’t wait to see you guys again!

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