Driving back to Frisco

Pre surgery day so we drove up to Frisco to spend the night at a hotel near the hospital. This is the second time this week I have made this drive and it’s getting easier to deal with. Since I grew up in Vail I am pretty familiar with the route.

As an added bonus I got the new Beastie Boys audio book. Kate and I both grew up listening to those guys so it’s been a fun one to listen to together. The chapter talking about mix tapes is hilarious and reminds me of a time long long ago.

We ate dinner at a Which Wich for the first time and were very happy to see vegan options. The Sammie’s were way better than subway.

I’m getting a bit nervous about the surgery but it’s mostly cause I have to wait till tomorrow. I just wanna have this done and know what the outcome is: repair or removal of the left meniscus. I’d prefer repair as the long term issues are fewer but recovery will be longer.

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