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RV Camping in NY: Black Bear Farm Winery Chenango Falls, NY

Awesome RV Camping in NY with a Harvest Host

Made a short video of the few days we spent at Black Bear Farm Winery. They are part of the Harvest Host program that we have stayed at before in Iowa and in North Carolina. They are a winery but don’t have any wines made from grapes. Instead they are made from a variety of fruits like cranberries, black berries, and goose berries amongst others.
There are no facilities so you will be boondocking. Be sure to bring your own water and enjoy the scenery and peacefulness. We stopped through on our way to Vermont and Maine.

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Harvest host at Sander’s Ridge Vineyard in NC

On our way to see family in Raleigh, NC we spent a night at a Harvest Host member farm in northern North Carolina. After a quick stop at a nearby RV park for fresh water we made our way to the Sanders Ridge Vineyards where they had us park a few hundred feet from the restaurant building in a field adjacent to their vinyards as you can see in the main photo for this post above.
Roger and Kate of Rolling with Grass sampling wines at Sanders Ridge Vineyards
Sanders Ridge is a family owned and operated vineyard with a variety of wines to choose from. We naturally sampled all ten that were currently available. They were all tasty and unique wines and following the Harvest Host recommendation we purchased a few bottles for future consumption.

However since we didn’t have far to walk to get home we went ahead and enjoyed a bottle on their deck while a light rain fell around us.
Kate of Rolling with Grass Enjoys wine in the rain at Sanders Ridge Vineyards
They also have a 15 line zip-line setup which we will definitely be back to experience but this trip we didn’t have a lot of time and headed out the next morning.

Even if you aren’t RVing Sander’s is worth stopping for. The wines are delicious and they have a gourmet restaurant on site. When we went they were having a painting course for about 15 participants.