PBR: Pumps, Bumps, and Rollers

Our friends Jen and Derek introduced us to the Mile 18 area for mountain biking earlier this year. Kate is just getting her dirt wheels under control and PBR is a great trail to get started on. However as the description reads below it’s still fun for any skill level.

2 miles of nonstop grins! Nonstop banked turns and features flowing into each other. Very fast and with enough speed you’ll be in the air a good amount of time (though everything is rollable).

This is the perfect trail for intermediates to work on skills, or experts to let it rip. Everyone will be happy with this one.

Via MTB Project

Post Knee Surgery Day 1

Had my left knee meniscus worked on yesterday as I have mentioned a few times here. The procedure was really easy this time as I opted for general anesthesia. I recall being wheeled into the operating room. Switching to another bed, laying back and then waking up in post op.

Roger Pre Op with Beer hat giving double thumbs up.
Roger Pre Op with Beer hat and double thumbs up.

Overall this was my best surgery experience so far. In the past I have always opted for a spinal so I was awake for the surgery. While that was a neat experience it resulted in a long post op wait for my lower body to wake back up. This time I woke up. Ate. Went to the bathroom, and went home.

I think the other thing that made this surgery less traumatic is that they did not repair the meniscus. From what I gather, and my memory is pretty foggy at this point, they simply trimmed a part of the meniscus out. This is a less invasive process than a repair where they rough up the meniscus and then reattach it. 

So far my pain and swelling seem much lower than my repair surgery 3 years ago. I am already able to walk on the leg and it is bending at least 90 degrees. The main thing that is preventing it from being more at the moment are the bandages that I am not allowed to remove till my follow up appointment next Monday.

Driving back to Frisco

Pre surgery day so we drove up to Frisco to spend the night at a hotel near the hospital. This is the second time this week I have made this drive and it’s getting easier to deal with. Since I grew up in Vail I am pretty familiar with the route.

As an added bonus I got the new Beastie Boys audio book. Kate and I both grew up listening to those guys so it’s been a fun one to listen to together. The chapter talking about mix tapes is hilarious and reminds me of a time long long ago.

We ate dinner at a Which Wich for the first time and were very happy to see vegan options. The Sammie’s were way better than subway.

I’m getting a bit nervous about the surgery but it’s mostly cause I have to wait till tomorrow. I just wanna have this done and know what the outcome is: repair or removal of the left meniscus. I’d prefer repair as the long term issues are fewer but recovery will be longer.