Hosting an Interstellar Orchard

Did I mention that we bought land in Colorado? Well we did and its pretty awesome. One really awesome part about having land is that we can have guests. This summer we have had a number of awesome guests come and stay with us. We even built a guest RV pad with septic and water hookups!

Recently we were joined by our good friend Becky Schade of Interstellar Orchard. She has been on the road since 2012 and has a great website chronicling her adventures. She is much better at keeping things updated than we are. Check out what she has been up to!

We did a lot of work on the land this summer so that we could park on it. We also made sure it was a nice place for friends and family to park. So we built the guest pad, but we also built a little structure with a full bathroom. Kate found an inexpensive on demand water heater so guests have a nice place to cleanup. 

The grassland shithouse

The goal next summer is to finish it out with insulation and more windows. Then we are going to build a roof deck on top cause the sunsets are pretty awesome here.

Tech for Wanderers – Technomadia

Technomadia the technology nomads
Technomadia the technology nomads

Technomadia | Adventures in Nomadic Serendipity

When Kate and I started researching how to make living and working on the road happen one of the first websites we found was Chris and Cherie’s Technomadia. This website/blog is a cornucopia of priceless information about living fulltime in an RV, staying connected to the Internet, getting solar powered, where to have mail sent, and more everyday. They have created numerous apps for helping to find Cell coverage and what state laws to be aware of as you cross the US:

We were both 33 when we met and hit the road in 2006 and have switched up our travel modality many times.. including: a 16′ T@B trailer, a 17′ Oliver Travel Trailer, a cottage in the US Virgin Islands, an Amtrak rail pass and currently a 35′ vintage bus conversion.

Only serendipity knows what future adventures we’ll explore.

Follow along at their website: Technomadia
Be sure to checkout their Resource Website: RV Mobile Internet Resource Center

Sheila plus Evo equals SheVo

Sheila plus Evo equals SheVo
Sheila plus Evo equals SheVo

ShEvo. WTF?- The Travels of Evo Terra & Sheila Dee

Roger has known Sheila and Evo since 2008. In 2014 they decided to ditch the regular 9 to 5 and are currently travelling the world house sitting and generally wandering around:

Getting to the why is a little complicated. In short, our kid is grown and doing quite well. We’ve divested ourselves of any real property. The work we do (she’s an instructional designer and he’s a digital strategist) is the kind of work that digital nomads do from anywhere on the globe… so… why not?

Follow their adventures here: ShEvo. WTF?- The Travels of Evo Terra & Sheila Dee
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