PBR: Pumps, Bumps, and Rollers

Our friends Jen and Derek introduced us to the Mile 18 area for mountain biking earlier this year. Kate is just getting her dirt wheels under control and PBR is a great trail to get started on. However as the description reads below it’s still fun for any skill level.

2 miles of nonstop grins! Nonstop banked turns and features flowing into each other. Very fast and with enough speed you’ll be in the air a good amount of time (though everything is rollable).

This is the perfect trail for intermediates to work on skills, or experts to let it rip. Everyone will be happy with this one.

Via MTB Project

Pre-Op: Surgery Day

Today is the day. Everyone is wishing me well which is awesome but I keep reminding them I have the easy part today. I’m just gonna get pumped full of drugs and lie still.

One part of surgery that get overlooked however is the preparation that starts at least three days before.

The first step is sanitization. For this I have been given a bottle of Chlorhexidine Gluconate which is the same stuff that doctors use to “scrub” up before surgery. However instead of just washing my hands before surgery I have had to wash from neck to toes, minus generalist, for the last three days. This involves scrubbing all areas of my body and then waiting three minutes for the magic to happen. Basically I am nuking all bacteria on my skin. This will hopefully prevent me from getting an infection like MRSA.

The second phase is fasting. That’s started at midnight last night and means I am done eating till after the surgery. So I’m being super trendy and fasting for like 16 hours or so. Apparently they don’t want me going number 2 in the operating room and I think that’s a good call.

The third phase started this morning at 11am and cuts out all liquids. Apparently they don’t want me going number one either.

We are heading over to the surgery center shortly so they can get me hooked up to an IV and start prepping my knee for surgery.

I’m hoping they can repair the meniscus so that I can go back to easy running and not have arthritis later on. If they do remove the meniscus then my recovery time will be much faster as I won’t have to wait for it to heal.

Today’s workout: 20 Min AMRAP

Today’s Workout Of the Day WOD is a simple but brutal one. I have modified it from one I found on The Greatist featuring a former CrossFit champ Jason Khalipa due to my current knee injury.

In their workout you go for 20 minutes doing 15 squats, then 15 sit-ups, then 15 push ups As Many Reps As Possible aka an AMRAP.

For my workout I omitted the squats for obvious reasons. We are also currently parked in an RV park that happens to have a nice playground area with wood chips for me to put my mat on. and get my workout done. I may have scared the older people staying here, but I hope maybe I motivated them somehow.

Here is my AMRAP:

20 Min AMRAP – WOD

  • 15 Sit-ups
  • 15 Push Ups

This seems really simple but after 8 minutes I was sucking wind hard. I was ready to quit at 10 minutes thinking “Hey that was a good workout.” It totally would have been but it also wouldn’t have been the workout I set out to do.

So I slogged on taking breaks, especially for the push ups. Eventually 20 minutes elapsed and I collapsed. By the end I had done 10 Rounds of both exercise sets plus I did another 15 Sit-ups. I was sweating and breathing heavy but felt great and glad I had stuck to it. My form probably wasn’t the best but I still got a workout and with these moves there is less chance of injury. It is good to always stay aware of your positioning and make sure you aren’t putting yourself in harms way.

As I head into surgery this Thursday for the second time in 3 years on the same knee I realize I need to be more careful with my body. This means progressing with confidence and strength in my workouts. While I did injure my knee in Crossfit it was not Crossfit that injured me. It was my ego trying to go beyond what my body was ready to do. Pistol squats are an advanced move and require strength and stability to do safely. I let my head get big and went further than my knee was ready for, and now I am paying some good cash to have my doctor fix me up.

Big shout out to my friend Ellen Shinkle of Evolution Gym at CrossFit Cortez for getting me into WOD’s, and pushing myself again!

Habits Are The Compound Interest of Self-Improvement | Rich Roll


October 28, 2018

“True behavior change is really identity change.”
What stands in the way of becoming the person you aspire to be?

Maybe it’s circumstances. Access or opportunity. For many its bad habits, exacerbated by the unsuccessful war waged to replace them with good habits — a rinse and repeat process that generally leads to failure and discouragement.

Why is it so hard to overcome negative patterns?

Today’s guest contends the problem isn’t you. The problem is your system.

Evolving from stuck and unsatisfied into the person you wish to become is equal parts art and science. Science helps explain the root causes of our behaviors and how to modify them. But the application of said principles into practice is very much an art.
— Read on www.richroll.com/podcast/james-clear-401/

Long podcast on habits and ways to create and remove ones that we might label good or bad. I enjoyed how they discuss the danger of callin something a bad habit and how that can create more stress leading to the continuation of said bad habit. Habits are just habits. If you have one that you aren’t happy about then you might want to figure out new habits that help you avoid the undesired habit. Habit habit habit.