Car Camping Setup Ideas

Initial Thoughts on Car Camping When Kate and I first met we went car camping and backpacking. We would carry our car camping equipment and our backpacking equipment as they each have their own uses and benefits. Car Camping is a unique beast. You don’t have to get high end equipment as weight isn’t a […]

How we add Fresh water to fill our rv

Adding fresh water to your rv can be a challenge when boondocking Roger made a video showing how we fill our fresh water tank from our water jugs. Items Used (Warning affiliate links, if you buy something we get 4% so like beer money, thanks!) Reliance 941003 Aqua-Tainer Water Container – 6.5 Gallon Capacity for […]

Aeropress Instructions for Full Time RVing

Made a short video of Aeropress Instructions in our travel trailer: You can buy them on Amazon: Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker Aeropress Instructions are as varied as the weather. The basic instructions do a good job but we have found that stirring the grounds a bit more makes for a better cup of coffee. […]

Bike Tow Leash – Demonstration Video with Enzo

We love our dogs and we love to exercise. However we have been trying to train our dogs to be better on the leash and it can get very tiring when walking them. Recently we had a great training session with a local Orlando dog trainer, Heather of Think Alpha Dog … Contact Heather … […]