Dutch Renaissance and Recycled Materials by Suzanne Jongmans – PLAIN Magazines

Dutch artist Suzanne Jongmans stumbled onto her project Mind Over Matter by blessed coincidence. Running out of fabric for a model’s costume she was building, she stumbled upon some packing foam which she crafted into the shape she wanted. The rest, as they say, is history. — Read on plainmagazine.com/dutch-renaissance-and-recycled-materials-by-suzanne-jongmans/ Via Everlasting Blort

Smishing: A New Security Threat The Targets Smartphones By Text Message | Digital Trends

We all know phishing is a huge security problem, but most people still believe it’s a problem limited to email. According to new reports, more and more phishing scams are appearing in text messages. The problem is much worse than you might assume. Here’s how to protect yourself and the personal data attached to your […]

Habits Are The Compound Interest of Self-Improvement | Rich Roll

JAMES CLEAR ON WHY HABITS ARE THE COMPOUND INTEREST OF SELF-IMPROVEMENT October 28, 2018 00:0000:00 “True behavior change is really identity change.” JAMES CLEAR What stands in the way of becoming the person you aspire to be? Maybe it’s circumstances. Access or opportunity. For many its bad habits, exacerbated by the unsuccessful war waged to replace […]