Learn to learn

I have to admit most of what I know about web work I learned on the job. I’ve taken some online classes and read a book or two but in the end I always figured it out by doing it.

The problem with that is it’s an incredibly inefficient and potentially limiting method for learning. The issue is that I’m just not a good learner. I don’t take notes and if I do they aren’t very helpful. By not taking notes I’m losing most of what was taught.

Online coding courses are even worse for this because I’m trying to write the code as they are teaching the method. So I’m just getting the how but missing the why.

Besides bad note taking I also move too quickly. Since the entire course is available to me I think competitively and move through things as fast as possible.

My friend of taking courses at Fullsail University for game programming. It sounds very immersive and challenging. The courses are all done online but have an instructor and are done in real time. Meaning there are lectures which are later available for review and projects with a due date.

While I’m not necessarily interested is such a rigid classroom type methodology. I do see the benefit of imposing some structure to my process.


Nothing Fails Like Success – A List Apart

— Read on alistapart.com/article/nothing-fails-like-success/

Great article by the internet guru Zeldman discussing the issue with the current state of web affairs. Basically Twitter and Facebook are full of horrible content because that gets eyeballs which sells ads. We need to build sites that generate their own income to avoid the mess we are in now.

The issue is how to you get people to pay for things that are free?

Save multiple images in iMessage

A friend recently texted me a lot of photos via iMessage. I needed to save them to Photos so I could export them to my desktop and upload to Google Places for her business.

I was worried I would have to save them one at a time. I turned to Google and found this article on how to save multiple images from iMesssage.

  • Basically go into the message from your contact in iMessage.
  • Click on their name at the top
  • Click on ‘info’
  • Scroll down to the photos
  • Press and hold on one
  • Select ‘More’
  • Press on the images you want and notice the blue checkmark in the bottom right corner
  • When done hit save and boom!

Save local journalism, use WordPress

Facebook: We care deeply about journalism. Please believe us – Columbia Journalism Review
— Read on www.cjr.org/the_new_gatekeepers/facebook-journalism.php

Article about journalists trying to revive the dead horse known as local journalism. No one reads paper anymore. Local news should be hyper focused blogs coordinated around local events. Since the primary need for local news is to know what is going on near you events seem like a natural focus. The problem is that event sites are usually not geographically focused. Mostly they are full of big city events as well. Local aggregation of various sources makes sense which is what blogging is anyway.

Sourdough rye bread

I love Reuben’s. Reuben’s are made best with sourdough rye bread. The problem is that west of the Mississippi there is zero good soughdough rye bread. It’s probably the humidity but west of the ol M the stuff is dry AF.

Gonna start experimenting with my own recipe. See if I can’t fix this issue soon. I will report back.