Bodega bay

Finally made it to the pacific with the trailer. Absolutely amazing campsite on bodega bay. Rainy when we arrived but it’s gotten sunny and wonderful. We had a couple friends who live in San Francisco drive up and camped for the night with us.

Responsible people
Fire = good

Then we strolled down the road a little bit to have beer and fried avocados at fisherman’s cove bar and grill.

100 yards from campsite
The campsite
Pretty lady

Helping out

Camp host asked if I could help my neighbor empty their tanks with my blue boy. After hearing her and her boyfriend fight last night and the cops show up it was a no brainer.

What made it extra interesting was that the same camp host had thrown us out of the park the night before.

Funny how much can change in a day.

Made a delicious quesadilla with my homemade cheese:


Taco Tuesday

Thoughts on Tuesday 2.26.2019:

  • Camped in Napa at Skyline Park
  • It has been raining fairly consistently since yesterday
  • The dogs are not interested in going outside
  • I had a nice hike in the rain around noon
  • Work has been a little crazy but nothing alarming
  • I am looking for an online project
  • One site mentioned blogging…
  • Topics are the problem key
    • What are you interested in reading?
      • I can try to guess or not worry about it
    • What am I interested in writing?
      • Eating, working out, WordPress, retirement, hot tubs, and dogs
  • Now to stay focused. Should be daily about the day.
  • Requires at lease one external link
  • Google Search of the day: fun website projects