Boondocking in South Carolina

Its been a fun 3.5 months of fulltime RVing and we are finally doing what we wanted to do most: Boondocking! As I wrote a few months ago there are a number of camping spots near Charlotte South Carolina that we wanted to check out. After spending a few nights south of Myrtle Beach at the Huntington State Park we set of today for a short drive to Francis Marion National Forest. After talking with the ranger they recommended we go to Honey Hill and we did. I made a quick video from the campsite.


Happy holidays you two. If you decide to do a skiingwithgrass segment, visit me in Duluth.
Happy New Year – safe travels.

It looks cold there. Dammit.

Hey, we’ll be in Charleston (or therebouts) on Jan 13-ish. If you’re still in the area, we’d love to see you before we take off on our own adventures!

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