About Us

What’s up with the name?

First of all lets get this straight: Kate’s last name is Grass and since we are rolling in a travel trailer and with our bikes we are Rolling with Grass.
What did you think it meant?

What the heck are you doing?

In May of 2014 our dog Zeke was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer and even with treatment was given 6 to 18 months to live. We decided that life is too short to wait for retirement to start living our ideal lifestyle and that on Sept 1st of 2014 we would leave the Bricks and Sticks world behind a go fulltime RVing. So we started preparing by reading about how others had made it happen. Two of the main sites that we learned from are Technomadia and Gone with the Wynns(the Wynns were the main source of inspiration for the name of our website as well).

How do you make money?

Roger has been running an online marketing company, Roger Williams Media, for 5 years and can do his work from anywhere there is an internet connection. He focuses on creating video content of his clients in the form of short form blog posts that explain various aspects of their business. You can learn more at RogerWilliamsMedia.com.
Kate is a Senior SQL Database programmer with over 12 years of experience with custom report creation for ERP systems. You can learn more about her at KateGrass.com.
We are always open to speaking with new clients. If you are interested you can contact us at our respective websites.
We are also considering various workcamping scenarios as they come up. If you have an awesome campground or seasonal opportunity that we should consider please contact us here.

What do you think?