Roger: I am writing this from the trailer in a park north of Albuquerque, NM trying to get a grasp on what we have done. So far its mostly just a long vacation and I am doing some work along the way, but just beneath the surface is the reality that we have committed ourselves to living fulltime for at least one year. The house has been rented and we sold or gave away all of our furniture.

The going away party over Labor Day weekend was fantastic and Kate, Zeke, and I want to thank everyone who made it. We truly appreciate the sacrifice you made to spend a long weekend with us in the woods and we hope that you had as much fun as we did.

If you were there then you know I took a lot of photos. I am still processing them and need to figure out how I want to post them here. The photo at the top of this post is from the campfire on the second night after we left our stick and brick house behind.

Overall its a strange feeling not having a fixed home but also very comforting in that everything I own fits in a 30′ by 8′ space that I also work, eat, and sleep in. As we continue down the road I am thinking more about how we lived with so much excess of space and stuff and how relieving it is to pare things down. We are still living incredibly comfortable lives compared to a lot of people and keep that in mind all the time.

Sometimes we are asked what our plan is and we just shrug and say ’70 degrees’. Meaning that we are planning to be where ever the highs are in the 70’s and if that means packing up and moving then so be it. We are now migratory humans travelling across the American landscape looking for adventure while maintaining an income that allows us to keep going.

One of the first lessons we have learned is that its best to hit the road in the morning. This makes packing up camp easier as the temperature is lower and it gives you more flexibility if you want to stop for lunch or take photos. Finally its always nicer to get into camp with some daylight so you can see what the surroundings have in store for you.

The plan is to boondock as much as possible since we have a fairly large solar system that can keep everything going for a long time. So far we haven’t hit that goal yet as we are under the gun to get to Colorado by the end of this week and we need internet connection so I can keep my clients happy (you are happy right?).

As we progress I plan on making posts about the trailer and solar setup we have. I also plan on talking more about day to day trailer life and most importantly how we are making this happen (small secret: we saved up a nice bit of cash, made smart purchases, and took the leap).

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions and more importantly suggestions about Rolling with Grass.

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Roger lives fulltime in a 2008 Jayco Travel Trailer with his wife Kate and their dog's Dazey and Enzo. He works fulltime but is open to early retirement anytime.

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