Morning run to Jupiter (Florida)

Kate and I have been training for the Clearwater marathon in Clearwater Florida on January 22nd 2017. We are on week 16 of a 19 week training program and this is the hardest week of the whole shebang. By the end of this week we will have run 40 miles for the week and have done 385 miles total since starting the training. If that sounds like a lot it is. If that doesn’t then congrats of being a badass. 

Today the training prescribed a 10 mile run. We got up at 6am, which if you know us at all is remarkable by itself, and the hit the road at 7. We took what appears to be the old road for the Jonathan Dickenson State Park, mainly cause that’s the pale we are also camped at, but also because it’s nicer than running on the current park road with traffic.

Sunrise was around 7:10am and we were able to stop long enough to snap the photo above before plodding along and finishing the run. 

We have a short 5 mile run tomorrow and then the massive 20 mile longest run of the training on Saturday. 


Cooper River Brewing Co, Charleston SC

Let’s talk about beer. Kate and I met in a bar and one of our first conversations was about Roger’s masculinity and drinking IPA’s. So beer is important to us and we hope it is to you. Either way we want to help make sure the conversation happens or that we just sit around enjoying the beautiful technology known as beer.

While staying in Charleston SC for a week we had some time to explore the area and see what they had to offer for breweries. Kate used the magic of Google to find Cooper River Brewing. Since they had three IPA’s on the menu she was sold on giving them a try.

The IPA’s were all very tasty and a good destination for anyone who likes a good IPA. If you are picky then you should read some other blog that gives a shit. Personally if its got a good hop taste and we can drink a few of them then winner winner non-chicken dinner.

Barrel Aged Blended Ales

Bulleit Bourbon Rye Golden Ale – Feb 2016 – Very delicsious. We recommend they call it the Cooper River Old Fashioned.


Scottish Ale, Porter, ESB Bourbon Rye Blend – Aug 2016 – Very good as well.

Overall we would drink till we needed a cab home at this brewery so you should to.

Bake that dish

It’s pretty much winter in the northern hemisphere. We are in South Carolina and it’s gonna hit the 30’s tomorrow night. Sure we have a gas furnace and it’s in high gear keeping us from becoming icicles. One great trick for warming things up is firing up that oven and baking your dishes. 

Last night I threw a pan of wild rice mushroom pilaf into the oven with a cashew cheese sauce and it was mighty tasty. Tonight I went Italian with some soy curls and it came out pretty damn good. 

Make it then bake it and warm things up. 

It’s curtains for you! – Trailer Mod

After moving into our trailer over two years ago we have strived to make it feel more like home. The first step was replacing pretty much all the furniture with IKEA stuff, yes even the mattress. Then we had a friend redo our valances. We ripped up the carpet and put in vinyl flooring last year.

If you have ever been in a trailer you have seen the accordion/privacy blinds that work on string tension. Besides our’s looking like paper plates folded up they can get dirty and then the strings start to suck. Once the strings go you pretty much have a window with a permanent blind. In the case of our back window the accordion never worked well and the best we could do was get it about halfway up. We knew that we wanted to replace the blinds with regular curtains but didn’t have a sewing machine.

In September we stopped by Kate’s parents home to do some dry docking. Besides installing electric fan roof vents Roger also made custom curtains. Kate’s dad, Bill, is a good handyman and taught Roger how to use the sewing machine.

Technically he re-taught me how to use a sewing machine. In 5th grade home-economics class I made a killer football pillow.

We bought cloth at Jo-Anne’s and curtain rods from Lowe’s. Roger watched the following video for the pattern:

Roger went with the beer pattern cause he’s so classy. This is next to where he sits during work hours. He got some leeway with the mancave-ness with all the sewing n stuff. Since the material was so thin we also put a pair of blackout curtains behind the beer ones. We used a double curtain rod setup inside of the valence. This blocks the sun during workdays and improves the insulation of the window a lot.

Trailer beer curtains - Rolling with Grass
Rear window beer curtains with blackout behind.

Kate took over in the “pattern selection” department for the rest of the windows. She spends most of her day working in the slide, as you can see with her computer screen in the photo below. To offset the tacky-ness of Roger’s beer curtains she went classy and subdued.
Slide Curtains Rolling with Grass
Slide Curtains

The two bedroom windows got a single curtain each since they are narrower. Since the valances have a different look here we went with a different fabric. These are about 85% blackout and make sleeping to 8am pleasant.
Bedroom Curtains Rolling with Grass
Bedroom Curtains

The effect that changing these windows has on the feel of the trailer is pretty remarkable. They look great but just as important they work better than the blinds that came with the trailer.